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The Crew, shutters in the Finishing Shop, Michael and Luis.

The Crew, shutters in the Finishing Shop, Michael and Luis.

The Nantucket Shutter Shop had its beginning in 1949. After returning from his service in Europe during World War II, Bernie Silverman opened his shop in Sherman Oaks, CA. At that time there were more orange trees than houses in the San Fernando Valley. As housing developments began replacing Orchards, the business grew, and the shop was incorporated in 1972.

In 1980, Bernie hired Michael Diaz who had recently moved to southern California from Chicago. Under Bennie’s tutelage, Michel learned the finer points of woodworking, finishing and the shutter business.

Upon retiring in 1989, Bernie sold Nantucket Shutters Inc. to Michael and his wife Patricia. In 1998 with the need for more space, the business was moved to Chatsworth.

Michael himself does all the in-home and job site consulting, designing and overseeing of the manufacturing and finishing process, from beginning to end.

Why consider Nantucket Shutters, Inc. for your home or business?

1. In business since 1949.
2. We are the manufacturer.
3. We are licensed and bonded.
4. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau.
5. Michael Diaz (owner) personally measures, designs and oversees the completion of each job.
6. We have a lifetime guarantee on the wood construction of our shutters.

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